In advertising on your website you can be as involved or detached from the process as you choose. You can add in simple text ads with just a line of code provided by the company. On the other hand you can go with the traditional route of selling your own ads locally. Selling your own ads might mean that you’ll have to design the ads for people, but sometimes they’ll have they’re own pre-made. For simplicity you could also use a business card. As an alternative to these choices, to display an ad on a page, you could just upload it as a picture, although using the following options looks more professional.

Sell your own: You can opt to sell your own ads locally and display them on your website. Managing your own ads can quickly become complicated and overwhelming. Ad servers can help you organize ads that you sell yourself. You can monitor statistics, target ads to certain locations and switch out ads whenever you want.

Double Click for Publishers is the ad server that Google operates that was formerly called Google Ad Manager. The program is free. You can choose between an advanced program and one designed for smaller businesses. Here is a good tutorial on how to use Google Ad Manager.

Open X is another free ad server program. It works best for medium sized and larger companies.

Here are two sites that compare a few different ad servers.


Contextual advertising: With this type of ad, you get a short piece of code to copy on to your webpage where you want the ad to appear. The advertisement will generally be relevant to what the user has been looking at online. The ads use keywords that the user has searched for. For example, if they were looking up rock climbing, the next contextual ad they see might be for climbing gear. You get paid per click with a contextual ad program like Google AdSense.

Ad Networks: An online ad network like Glam Media or Federated Media sells bulk ad space to companies like Neiman Marcus and Martha Stewart Living. Like with contextual ads, you insert a code into your site. Generally you will be paid per thousand impressions. Unfortunately the money you get can be as low as $10 per thousand. This article explains ad networks from the advertisers point of view.

Contextual ads and ad networks do not require any selling on your part, but the payoff for these types of ads continues to drop.


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