In many cases you’ll be able to host photos and video through your CMS. Besides the CMS itself, there are also plugins offered through your CMS that will create different kinds of galleries or slide shows. You can also set up an account with a website like Flicker or YouTube.¬†Even if you host your own videos you may want to set up accounts on them and allow your users to upload their own relevant media. In addition, these services can drive more traffic to your site.


Vimeo: With a free Vimeo account you can upload up to 500MB per week with no time limit to your video. You can set up a channel for your videos, password protect certain videos. Vimeo was created with creativity in mind and the website’s aesthetic reflects that. Videos generally look better on Vimeo than YouTube and they allow you to upload HD videos. When you have a free account, you often must wait between 30 and 45 minutes for your video to be posted after it’s uploaded.


YouTube: If you want a video to go viral it’s almost essential to upload it to YouTube. Despite Vimeo’s quality, YouTube is by far more popular, and many more people will find your video if you post it on YouTube. Often YouTube uploads are faster, and there is no mandatory wait time before your video is viewable.

On this website you can see the same video uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube.

Flickr: With Flickr you can host your photos (up to 200 for free, or unlimited for $25 a year) or you could set up an account for your readers to add photos to as well. You can then use a widget to display the pictures on your website. User generated content is a great way to get more views. Flickr is very community oriented and acts like a social networking website in many ways.

Picassa: This is Googles photo hosting service. You get one GB of space for free and can spend up to $500 on addition space. Picassa also supports a social network aspect but not as much as Flickr.

Here is a great comparison of online photo sharing companies.

CrowdToPublic Choice: All of these programs are great, but for a community news start up looking to host professional looking multimedia that gains traffic we choose Vimeo and Flickr.


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