When choosing a host, often your CMS will recommend a few that they like that meet their minimum requirements. There are three specific types of hosting you can choose from: shared, cloud, and dedicated. When deciding which type of hosting and which hosting company to buy from you need to consider the cost for the space you get, whether there is an option to automatically install your CMS, the tech support you’ll get, bandwidth, and up-time.

Shared: With shared hosting your website will be stored on a server along with several other websites. This is often the least expensive option, and can be the best option for small websites. If something goes wrong with a shared server, the company will take care of the problem. One downside to shared hosting is that if you get spikes in traffic you’ll use up your allotted space and your site will go down.

Here is a list of some shared web hosting companies.

Dedicated: If you choose a dedicated host you lease an entire server that is dedicated to your site. You will have a lot more control over how your site is hosted, but it is much more expensive than shared hosting.

These are some dedicated hosting companies.

Cloud: Cloud hosting allows you to pay for only the amount of space that you use each month. Instead of sharing one server, or having one server completely to yourself, your website is stored along with many others on several servers. If you have a spike in traffic, your website is much less likely to crash, since you don’t have a limited, partitioned space on the server.

Several cloud hosting companies.

One more list of some top hosting services.



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