Free V. Pay?

A free site can be a great way to start-up a news website. There are tons of open-source tools out there that will make your website look professional, minus the costs.

With WordPress you can set up a free blog and choose from more than a hundred free website templates. Their website lists more of their free features. For $17 a year WordPress will host your blog and you can have your own domain name. WordPress won’t fill your page with tons of ads, though they do have some text ads for users who aren’t signed in. You can opt out of ads for around $30 a year. WordPress is consistently ranked as the top free blogging service.

Another free blog host is Blogger. Blogger is very popular so you’ll be able to find a lot of free custom templates to customize your website. Blogger also allows you to edit the HTML code, and with a bit of practice you can have a fairly customized website.

Aside from free services, you can pay a low fee and have an easy to build, good looking website. TypePad is $9-$30 a month. Squarespace $13-$40 a month with discounts for year or two year packages.

For these services you are essentially paying for simplicity. When you’re paying $50 a year and up you can get your own, customizable  website with more space than a traditional free blog would provide.


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