Deciding on a name for your website is the first step to setting up your website. It might be the same as the name of your news service (, or it could be a condensed version ( Many hosting services also sell domain names or offer them for free, but if it doesn’t come with your service you can buy it separately from a variety of sources.
If you have a long name for your project consider shortening it. The name for the project behind this website was Empowering Storytellers. This wasn’t a very good name for a website so after lots of brainstorming I came up with CrowdToPublic which is shorter and more memorable.
When purchasing a domain name  consider:
  • How long you own the name for the price.
  • Top Level Domain: If you want to be a .com the price will often be lower, .org or .fm sometimes cost more money. You may also want to choose one based on country, for example .ca in Canada.
  • Beware of upselling. You’re only looking to buy the name. If you buy the .com you probably don’t need to worry about buying the .net, .org, etc. as well. If your company gets really big and you want to protect your brand it can be useful to own the other extensions.
  • Customer service. Most domain registrars will have little tech or customer support. It will most likely be by email. If there is phone support it will be a toll call.
  • Make sure the name is registered to you and not the company you’re buying it from. All sites listed here register to you.
Where to Buy:
Namecheap is rated on several review websites very good, often cheapest, etc. $9.98 for .com Charges $0.18 for ICANN fee, offers free Whois protection (Shows original price for this as $2.88) Total price $10.16 for a year.
GoDaddy is most popular place to buy a domain name. $11.99 for .com Very simple to use. Type in name and goes right to price page.
eNom offers a lot with its packages. A downside is that it seems to hide your total price until you put it in your cart and sign up. “eNom’s basic domain registration packs lots of useful features at a reasonable price. If you register lots of domain names, consider cheaper Go Daddy instead.” – CNET.
Network Solutions: $11.99  Charges $9.99 a year per domain name for a Private Registration –> to NOT be added to, a public database that lists address, phone, email, name, website, etc. You might get .co with the price.
WordPress: When you sign up for a WordPress blog they offer to sell you your domain name for $17 a year. This option is only slightly more convenient than going to an outside source to buy and much more expensive.

CrowdToPublic choice:  Namecheap. Least expensive. No Upselling. Free WhoIs protection. Good reviews.




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